Creating a market for Schick Extreme 3


Schick has been struggling to cut through Gillette’s overwhelming market share of 80% on disposable shavers. Their target was a market share increase of 30% but we believed we could do better.


Our Strategy

It began with an insight into the disposable shaver category’s core consumer group (aged 15-24). Media analysis showed we could achieve a 70% reach on digital, than any other media.


So we engaged people on Facebook. We leveraged on brand’s tagline of ‘Free Your Skin’ and created a game called ‘Free Your Screen’. The idea was to let people virtually experience the smooth and feel of a clean shave. We had also gamified the experience with a contest.


We launched it with an Impactful Takeover on MSN Malaysia. Facebook Like Ads and MSN Messenger ads were also used to drive growth and a higher fan base.


The Results

Reaching the right people with the right media proved very fruitful. Schick’s market Share increased by 6% and its Facebook community grown by a factor of 10. Throughout the campaign, we charted over 80M in page impressions and over 80k clicks recorded. The virtual shave contest also garnered over 51,000 unique entries.