Bringing together Vico and Air Asia


 Vico was a wonderful drink that just isn’t on top of everybody’s minds. So we set out to change that, and to increase sales by 10% with just a minimal budget increase.

Our Strategy

We realised that once people try it, they are more than likely to continue buying it. We then recommended a Media partnership with Air Asia, helping Vico achieve massive brand awareness gain via millions of Air Asia passengers.

We also identified stewardess as potential sales ambassadors and thus initiated a monthly incentive program. This would lead to on-board consumer campaigns.

The Results

Strategically placing Vico into the Air Asia distribution network effectively edged out Milo’s air miles. Vico registered a first month growth of 11% in sales. After the stewardess incentive scheme was created, it delivered an additional 3% growth upon introduction.

Overall, the on-board consumer contest generated an additional 2% growth and it has also sparked regional interest.