KL City Grand Prix Race 2015


The Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix in 2015 was a project that tested our limits. We were tasked with creating buzz and planning from the start. We went on to manage and set up the entire event, including ticketing.


Creating Buzz

To acquire participation from racing teams within the motorsports fraternity, we launched a flyer campaign. We tracked Race Teams and Race Officials and placed flyers on their vehicles.


Crisis Management

To counter negative public opinion from traffic concerns we organized the media, updated websites including social media platforms and setup a hotline to provide assistance.


Event Planning, Setup and Management

To establish zones within the designated event area, we worked closely with all parties concerned to provide a smooth and memorable experience for everyone.


Sales and Ticketing

To establish a ticketing system for the race, we sourced an operator that provided a versatile, flexible and mobile system. So that fans could purchase tickets throughout the race track.