KL City Grand Prix Race 2015

The Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix in 2015 was a project that tested our limits. We were tasked with creating buzz and planning from the start. We went on to manage and set up the entire event, including ticketing.   Creating Buzz To acquire participation from racing teams...


Bringing together Vico and Air Asia

 Vico was a wonderful drink that just isn’t on top of everybody’s minds. So we set out to change that, and to increase sales by 10% with just a minimal budget increase. Our Strategy We realised that once people try it, they are more than likely...


Creating a market for Schick Extreme 3

Schick has been struggling to cut through Gillette’s overwhelming market share of 80% on disposable shavers. Their target was a market share increase of 30% but we believed we could do better.   Our Strategy It began with an insight into the disposable shaver category’s core consumer...