Our Story

Trapper Media Group

Here, we innovate in all we do and integrate where it makes great sense. We’re all specialists in our field who are proud to do things differently because, we know what it’s like to be the client. That’s why we do great work by always putting ourselves in our client’s shoes.


Who We Are

We are a group of passionate and daring go-getters. It’s a lot different than what you’re used to in a media communications agency but that’s how we came about. And that’s how we’ll continue to be. It also defines how we work with our clients and partners. Besides, we get better results this way.


How We Began

Trapper Media began in 2001 when a rebel from the media industry dared to be different. Most of the global media companies dominated the market then, but there was an opportunity that everyone overlooked – doing great work for other passionate business owners, no matter the size.


You Grow, We Grow

Doing great work for other business owners was a completely different ballgame from multinationals. But we earnestly pursued every account and served every client diligently. We knew that because we believed that by ensuring our clients and partners grow, we would grow as well.


Reaching The Top

We eventually attracted a global partner to propel ourselves to the next level, before forging ahead on our own again. We would go on to bring innovation to the media industry, winning regional businesses and awards, and grow our own brands. Today we are known as a media communications agency that serve both business owners and multinational clients.


The Road Ahead

Being mindful of our humble beginnings by pushing the envelope with integrated marketing solutions while always keeping our clients best interest at heart.

We immerse ourselves in meaningful connections driven by global technological advances that will help forge the path for your business success.

Mr. Sivanathan Krishnan, Group Chief Executive Officer

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